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Simplissimo/Memorization/Ensembles/Accompaniments/Adjudications/Ratings and Awards


GENERAL FESTIVAL REQUIREMENTS & GUIDELINES: General rules as set forth in the most recent edition of the Federation Festivals Bulletin are in effect for this event. Exceptions within this web site are adapted for and specific to the TFMC All State Festival event. Access the complete set of TFMC All State Festival Official Rules & Requirements HERE when Registration opens.  Updates and revisions will be published HERE until the event closes.


SIMPLISSIMO:  Simplissimo Events is the software hosting platform for the virtual TFMC All State Festival.

MEMORY REQUIREMENTS: No extra credit is to be given for memorized performances at events where memory is not required. Refer to the Bulletin for specifics.


ENSEMBLE PARTNER SUBSTITUTIONS: Occasionally, an ensemble member is unable to participate in the state-wide festival. A substitute partner is allowed in this case, only if the following qualifications are met. A substitute partner must be a Federation junior member whose solo level is within 2 levels of the remaining partner. Only 1 substitution per duet, duo, trio or quartet is allowed. A teacher, parent, any other adult, or a non-NFMC member may NOT substitute for missing ensemble partners. A student may not perform in more than one of any ensemble event. (1 duet and 1 trio, but not 2 duets or 2 trios) Emergency substitution, except as described here is prohibited.


LARGE ENSEMBLE ENTRIES OF 5+ MEMBERS: At registration, give each large ensemble a name, such as “Cornerstone Choir”.


ACCOMPANIMENTS: The applicant must perform with a piano accompaniment unless the piece is written for unaccompanied solo or ensemble. Recordings are acceptable when accompaniment required by the composer in the published piece. General Bulletin requirements apply with these exceptions: accompanists for solo or concerto entrants do not receive a plaque or ribbon award, even if they are Junior members. Use of a pre-recorded accompaniment is acceptable.


Entrants in the Piano Accompaniment Event must provide their own soloists or ensemble performers. Piano Accompaniment Event entrants do receive an award, but their soloists or ensemble performers do not.


ADJUDICATION PROCEDURES: Submissions will be judged after being validated and prepared for adjudication. Our judges are well qualified, experienced and highly recommended adjudicators. Our entrants perform for the judge and compete with other entrants in a group containing entrants in the same event and level. The size of each group is determined by the number of entries received. All performance videos will be grouped in this manner and adjudicated appropriately.


Adjudicators will reference PDFs of student owned music scores plus performance videos as they write critiques/comments. All Judges Comments and Ratings will be printed on Certificates and shipped with awards to District Chairmen for distribution to area teachers as soon as is possible. 


Please realize that professional printing does take a considerable amount of prep and production time as does packing and shipping.  We hope to have everything completed by the first part of June.  

RATINGS AND AWARDS: Each performance receives one of the following ratings: Very Good, Excellent, Superior, Outstanding or All State Winner. Each student will receive ONE award for each performance, either a plaque or a ribbon. The only exception is Ensembles of 5+ members that receive ONE award per group. All State Winners that have BOTH “All State” and “Outstanding” circled on their rating sheets will receive ONLY the All State Plaque and NOT both awards. All ribbon awards will be distributed together with rating sheets. Monetary Award Winners will be notified shortly adjudication is closed. Prize money will be disbursed by the TFMC State Treasurer approximately two weeks after all required paperwork is processed. All State Winners will receive a plaque and become eligible to perform at an All State Honors Recital if held during the TFMC Annual Convention (Dallas, TX), August 2022.



All State Winner – Only ONE performance from each group will be chosen as the All State Winner. Simply put, the best performer in a folder group. The winner is chosen from the Outstanding ratings in each folder. Judges may withhold the All State Winner award ONLY if there are no Outstanding ratings in a folder. Only the All State Winner from each folder becomes eligible to participate in the All State Honors Recital.


Outstanding -- Excellent musical and technical performance; all elements (dynamics, style, phrasing, marks of expression, fingering, pedaling, memory, musicality, etc.) present and working together; a clean performance of public recital quality. This rating is NOT merely 2nd place. Any worthy performance can receive this rating. Receives the red, white, and blue rosette ribbon award.


Superior -- A good performance with at least one elemental difficulty or a few note and/or rhythm errors. Receives a blue ribbon award.


Excellent -- Shows accomplishment and good potential, but has several elemental weaknesses or several errors in notes and rhythm. Receives a red ribbon award.


Very Good -- Needs help in fundamentals, i.e. rhythm, memory, notes, understanding and preparation. Receives a green ribbon award.


ALL STATE HONORS RECITAL: All State Winners may receive an invitation to perform at the TFMC State Convention. The Convention is usually held in Dallas, TX during the month of August. Additional information will be forthcoming. (Presence not required if we can use the video)



Each “Monetary Award Event” will be awarded a “Monetary Award Prize.” Eligible Events are selected according to the number of entries in pre-selected events.  Only official Monetary Award Winners are eligible to receive a cash prize plus the opportunity to be showcased on our All State Recital at our annual Convention or on our YouTube Channel. Cash prizes are made at the discretion of the judges. All decisions by TFMC All State Festival and its judges are binding and final.


A Monetary Award event must have a minimum of three (3) entrants. Monetary Awards are provided for only ONE All State Winner in each of these listed events. PLEASE NOTE: Should an All State Winner NOT be chosen in any event, the monetary award  will be withheld. Judges’ decisions are final.

Monetary awards will be provided each year as funds are available. The following events are eligible:

PIANO:          Piano Solo MA2, MA1, VD2, VD1, D2, D1,

Piano Concerto SR, JR3

ORGAN:        Organ Solo MA2, MA1

VOCAL:         Vocal Art Song Solo MA3, MA2, MA1

STRING:        Violin Solo ADV2, ADV1        Violin Concerto SR

Viola Solo ADV2, ADV1         Viola Concerto SR

Cello Solo ADV2, ADV1         Cello Concerto SR
String Bass Solo ADV

Harp Solo ADV                         Harp Concerto

Classical Guitar Solo ADV    Classical Guitar Concerto


Before funds are released to the winner, NFMC/TFMC memberships of BOTH teachers and students will be verified. If a teacher or winning student is not current on dues payments, funds will be withheld.  TFMC monetary award winners will be required to sign a Publicity Release and to submit their social security number and IRS Form W­9 to the TFMC Treasurer (IRS rule). No prize transfer, assignment, or substitution by any All State Winner is permitted. TAXES ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNERS.

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