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  • Almost any cloud storage account that provides file storage can be used for uploading and sharing files or videos. Once uploaded to that site, the video can be shared by allowing a link to be created that permits viewing by anyone who has that link. Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud offer this capability. OneDrive videos expire so please do NOT use it.

  • A Google account comes with Google Drive where photos and videos may be uploaded, shared, and stored.

  • A Dropbox account provides cloud storage where photos and videos may be uploaded, shared, and stored.

  • Apple device users have access to iCloud where photos and videos may be uploaded, shared, and stored.

  • Many of our families already have a cloud storage account, so they are welcome to use what they have. They are proficient at sharing videos and can readily supply a public link to student videos.

  • Some of our teachers favor one type of cloud storage over another, so they may certainly use their preferred method for creating public links to student performance videos.

  • Research Dropbox, Google, and iCloud to determine which offers the most for your studio. See links on the Support page of this site. There is no "one size fits all" solution because each student's family and each teacher has different equipment on hand for accomplishing this task; also, the widespread variances among available devices and technology must be considered.

  • Dropbox: go to to create your account. Then follow the directions provided here.

    • Add Dropbox to your computer and add the Dropbox App to your smartphone.​

    • Learn more about using Dropbox by taking advantage of the links provided on this page.

  • Google Drive: go to to create an account. The Google Drive app must also be added to your smartphone.

    • Learn more about using Google Drive by viewing helpful links on this page.​

    • If you have a Gmail account, add Google Drive if it's not already in the suite of Google Apps that pop up when the checkerboard (9 dots) next to the Account photo is clicked.

  • iCloud (Apple devices): establish your iCloud account and sync with your smartphone. 

  • Locate the video on the smartphone (Photos, Camera, or whatever location was used for saving the video).

  • Select the video (touch thumbnail to raise options available - usually "Share" "Heart" "Edit" "Trash")

  • Share (little box on the bottom left hand row of options available that usually has an arrow pointing upward)

  • Select from the options which app to use to share the video. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, email, FaceBook, Instagram, Messenger, and any other App on your smartphone that accepts photo/video uploads will show up under the thumbnail of the video. Choose your preferred cloud storage app.

  • Upload the video. The upload process will likely take a while so keep the smartphone on its charger or ensure that it's fully charged.

  • Check to be sure that the complete video is uploaded to your cloud storage. Cloud storage may take a few minutes to process and format the video for compatibility and viewing purposes, so be patient.

  • Once uploaded, it's easy to rename the file to reflect student name and event name (Lastname Firstname Event Class)



After renaming the video, create a link that allows the video to be shared by anyone who has that link. All cloud storage software allows the sharing of that video file. Simplissimo requires the shared link to be publicly available.

  • Highlight the video file that you intend to share (hover over the file name or select to open the file).

  • Click the SHARE button (or select SHARE in a pop-up box of options)

    • Select the option that allows the creation of a link that can be viewed by anyone having that link​

    • Copy the resulting link; if you open and bookmark the public link, it may be easier to remember the link.

  • If parents or students are handling the video upload process, this public link must be sent to the teacher.

The shared "public" link must be provided to the teacher who will copy and paste the link into the student registration form on the Simplissimo platform.


Helpful 'How-To' Links

So many "how to" videos are available on the internet! These are but a few samples. They are linked here for information purposes only. These links are not intended to promote or advertise any products, services, or subscriptions offered by the makers of these help videos. The TFMC All State Festival does not endorse these materials; our members may simply find them useful.

More All State Festival Tech Support is available on our Support page.

Beginner's Guide to DropBox (Windows)

How to Use Dropbox

How to Use Google Drive

How to Share Google Drive Folders and Files

Transfer Files from iPhone Camera Roll to Google Drive

Send Long Videos - Dropbox

How to Share iCloud files (recommended by Apple support)

Create a Shareable Link in Dropbox

Sharing Google files

THE FINAL STEP: Link Video To Simplissimo

The public link to each student performance must be entered in the Simplissimo data field just above the fields that contain that student's music scores (PDFs).

Just copy the public link and paste it into the correct field in the student registration record in Simplissimo.

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