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There are numerous computer and smartphone apps designed to create scanned documents in PDF format. Use one that you and/or your students find convenient and easy to use.

One PDF = One Complete Music Score.

CamScanner App

(Phone or Tablet)

  1. Open your App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Play Store (Android) and search for CamScanner.

  2. Download onto your device.

  3. Open CamScanner app.

  4. Scroll through opening pages and skip the trial for a Premium account.

  5. Select the “Register” option (Note: it may prompt you to “Login” even though you selected register; if it does, look for the register button in top right hand corner.)

  6. Register using email and set up your password.

  7. CamScanner will send a verification email. Check your email and click the “Verify Email” button in the email.

  8. Return to CamScanner App and Sign In, using the email and password you have just set up.

  9. CamScanner will ask for access photos, media, and files on your device. Select “Allow”.


Bonus Tip: This app will try several times to “upsell” you to their Premium account. Just keep closing out of their prompts to do so, by tapping the “x”.


There are numerous Apps available, so use one that you and/or your students find convenient and easy to use.

Using CamScanner
Judges must clearly see the complete page(s) of the entire music score that is submitted.
  1. Open the CamScanner App on your device.

  2. Tap the camera icon on the bottom right to begin scanning.

  3. Select “Allow” when the app asks for permission to take pictures and record videos.

  4. A flat, dark-colored surface to lay your music on works best.

  5. You will need to scan each piece of music individually.

  6. Select the “batch mode” double frame icon to the right of the camera icon. This will allow you to scan multiple pages for each piece of music.

  7. Make sure the full page is in frame, including all copyright information.

  8. Begin taking pictures of each page, by tapping the camera icon. As you take each picture, miniature versions of the picture will begin to stack to the right of the camera, with numbers corresponding to the number of pages scanned.

  9. When finished, tap on the stack of pictures, to begin cropping the pictures.

  10. If your music was on a flat dark-colored surface, the automatic crop probably got the whole page and you will not need to adjust anything. However, you must check every page to see if that is the case. The dots and lines indicate the area that will be scanned and can be adjusted by dragging them, if part of the page is cut off or too much of the background is included.

  11. Once you are certain the cropping is right, tap the “Check” mark in the bottom right corner. This will scan your pictures as documents.

  12. The option to give your scan a title will appear. Type in the name of the piece you have just scanned. Once you have entered the title correctly, tap the “OK” button at the top right.

  13. To create a PDF of the scan, tap the PDF icon near the top right of the screen.

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