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All State Festival 2023 Results

Judges have done their jobs and adjudications are in!. Watch for an email detailing your students' ratings and awards. Please make sure you've got our email address in your contact list so that our emails don't get misdirected to your Junk/Spam folder: You should receive a pdf of student ratings by June 4.

Next step is the compilation, layout, and printwork for the All State Certificates/Rating Sheets to accompany the awards that will be distributed to you through your district festival chairs. Our goal is to ship to district festival chairs for arrival by mid-June.

All are invited to tune in to the TFMC All State Monetary Award Winners Recital which will be held during TFMC's annual Convention in August. More details forthcoming. You're in for a treat! Students entering events that carry monetary awards seem to get better (and more competitive) every year! Congratulations to the 2023 winners and to their teachers! Names will be announced once all their media releases are executed.

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