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Greetings TFMC Teachers!

I'm writing to update everyone on the progress of our All State Festival and provide a bit of a timeline. First of all, I'd like to say our Tech Team has done an outstanding job of making sure our videos and music scores are ready for the next step in our journey to completion. Another big "Well Done!" goes to our wonderful teachers who once again stepped up to the plate and learned a few new things about computer files, video production, and scanned music with much grace, hard work and a whole lot of patience. We applaud all of you for your efforts for the benefit of the students involved in our TFMC Junior Festival Program. As we all recover from the after effects of Covid over the last two seasons within our communities, it is my utmost wish for all that we would be able to proceed with better, clearer days ahead and your studios as full as you wish.

We are finally wrapping up the very intensive Tech Team audits of videos and music scores and are ready to schedule. This will take the better part of this week. However, we hope to have the performances sent to the judges for adjudication by next weekend, give or take a couple of days. Judges will be allowed approximately one week to complete their work. Once completed, we will notify teachers via email of scores only. Monetary Award Winners will also be notified at this time. All ratings certificates will be printed and these will be packed along with appropriate awards and shipped to the District Chairmen for disbursal to teachers. Printing and shipping involves dealing with vendors and generally takes time to accomplish. We are at the mercy of vendor production scheduling.

We do have an important WARNING for which you should be aware. Please make your students aware of the following issues as well.

It is very important that you or your students do not remove or alter, in any way, the performance videos, or the locations of your videos or their addresses in your computers. Don't delete them or change settings, or move them to a different folder or do anything at all with them. Please leave them right where they are! Any adjustments at all could prevent the judges from viewing the performances and would automatically disqualify the student, unfortunately. We've had a few videos go missing and we've had to scramble a bit to get them reinstalled. So please -- NO VIDEO FILE DELETIONS OR FILE MOVES. By September 1st, our Monetary Award Winners will have been presented in recital to our TFMC Convention and there won't be any further need for our access to any videos. Also, be aware that downloading a file in Dropbox can remove the file from your own system, leaving us with no access.

So, thank you for extending your patience a little further. We are working hard to develop an enduring platform that we can use for years to come that is affordable and easy to use. As we all become accustomed to this new system, I also hope to find ways to shortcut some of our processes to make it more time efficient so we can finish sooner. This is our goal! We appreciate your participation and that of your students. Best of luck to all, and may you all have terrific results!

Cathy Neidert


TFMC All State Festival

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