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CAPS & Commas

Welcome to the new teachers registering students in the TFMC All State Festival for the first time! By virtue of your registration, you are now subscribed to this News Blog where you'll find announcements and news about our 2022 Virtual Festival.

We've noticed that some of our returning teachers are using different email addresses. In order to avoid receiving duplicate Blog emails from us, feel free to "Unsubscribe" your least preferred email address.

Now, about CAPS & Commas - please do not use ALL CAPITALIZED LETTERS! Our extremely limited volunteers feel compelled to edit using normal capitalization rules. Please allow them to spend their time/resources reviewing and validating entries rather than editing.

To copy and paste address data into your teacher profile seems intuitive - BUT only the street address gets into the record - not always city, state, zip. Please do the keystrokes and remember to add a comma separating all the fields: street address, city, state, zip. Although we love working with Simplissimo's developer, we really would rather not have to increase festival fees because we need more address fields to expedite shipping and handling data - all for our lack of including commas as requested.

Your help and attention to these front-end processes will shave hours if not days off of admin's back-end 'clean-up' efforts as we prep for printing certificates, packing for shipping, and final distribution of awards! Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Wishing your students the best!

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