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Helpful Hints - Video Uploads

Thanks to the many teachers whose early uploads helped us find some solutions for compressing large video files! Please do not wait until the May 1st deadline to get your student videos uploaded!

Hints to help compress video files:

1) Free video compression site: - recommended target size = 250MB. Save a copy of original video before compressing just to be safe. View the resulting compressed video to be sure it's complete before uploading to Simplissimo from your computer.

2) Send videos to a Google drive and take advantage of Google's automatic video compression process that videos undergo before they're available to be viewed on the drive. Best done using a laptop or desktop. Download/save the resulting video file to computer, then upload to Simplissimo.

3) If your videos are recorded on a recent iPhone, chances are good that the high resolution videos will need to be compressed unless video settings were changed to less than the phone's 4K max resolution setting.

Please share any helpful hints you've got. Email any member of the Tech Team.

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