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Today's the Day! Read about it here first!

Yay! Registration is now open for the 48th Annual TFMC All State Festival. All Junior Division members who earned a SUPERIOR rating for performances in 2023 District Festivals and who meet eligibility requirements for this prestigious statewide event are invited to register through their teachers. Please read/review all the information available at before clicking on the Registration button.

The many changes to this year's Rules and Requirements are available on the "Read This" pages, and forms to help gather required information are available on the "Documents" page. Read these website pages BEFORE registering. You will register students using your email addresses. If you've participated in previous All State events, the Registration link will allow you to refresh your teacher profile on the Simplissimo Event platform.

Website Chat or emails are the best ways to contact festival staff during all phases of this event. Phone numbers are available on the Help page in case inquiries don't get a response within 24 hours. Thank you for. understanding that our festival team is made up of volunteers busily working to ensure a successful competitive event for you and for your students.

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