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Eligibility/Guidelines/Fees/Music Scores/Videos​​



Announced when Registration Opens


This event is sponsored by Texas Federation of Music Clubs and is a competition specifically designed for Texas junior member students, residing in Texas, who participate in the National Federation of Music Clubs non-competitive Festival Program. Generally, NFMC rules listed in the Federation Festivals Bulletin apply. Exceptions are listed below.


Introduction: These are the Official Competition Rules & Requirements governing the Texas Federation of Music Clubs (TFMC) All State Festival Competition. While national, state, and local governmental restrictions concerning public health during the pandemic are easing, COVID still presents major health concerns. TFMC will keep the All State Festival a virtual event.


Solo and ensemble performances will be judged from online video submissions. Sight Play/Sing will be adjudicated using online Zoom meetings. Participants in the All State Festival Competition remain eligible to receive awards, certificates bearing written feedback from our experienced judges, plaques for All State Winners, and monetary awards where applicable. By submitting a video to be adjudicated in this Competition, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions stated in these Official Rules & Requirements.


TFMC Junior Division Leadership is proud to continue the All State Festival event, and:

  • to provide festival participants with more flexible performance opportunities;

  • to facilitate increased participation (those living too far away to travel);

  • to ease chronic scheduling conflicts for busy students/families; and especially,

  • to comply with our Child Protection policies which protect the safety and welfare of our student festival participants (as well as our judges, teachers, and volunteers).

ELIGIBILITY: Festival participation is open to any Junior NFMC Member who has earned a Superior Rating in an NFMC/TFMC District/Local Festival during the current festival year and who meets the following criteria:

  • Is a legal resident of Texas.

  • Is 18 years of age or under on festival date

  • Has not graduated from high school prior to festival date

  • Only teachers are allowed to register eligible students.

  • Teachers entering students must be a current Senior Member of NFMC/TFMC.

  • Teachers may only enter students whom they personally teach.

At this time, ADULTS who perform in the district/local level festivals ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE STATE FESTIVAL.


GUIDELINES - Updated each year

Guidelines Document

FEES: All fees must be postmarked on or before April 10th or LATE FEES will be incurred. Payments are accepted from teachers only and are NON-REFUNDABLE. We accept personal checks, cashiers’ checks, checks issued through your bank’s BillPay option, money orders, or PayPal. Individual payments of any sort from students/parents directly to the festival for fees are NOT acceptable. Please make sure your name, address and phone number are printed on the check. TFMC Festivals will not be responsible for event cancellation due to tragedy, terrorist, security, weather, illness, pandemic or any other issues or government or community requirements.


EVENTS                                                          ENTRY FEES


EACH DUET/DUO                                             $52.00

EACH TRIO                                                         $78.00

EACH QUARTET                                              $104.00

EACH GROUP OF 5+                                      $130.00



After April 1st Late fees are equal to the entry fees as listed above.

After April 10th No late entries will be accepted.

Payment of fees constitutes consent to TFMC’s All State Festival Agreement as follows:

  • It is the responsibility of the teacher, students, and parents to abide by all rules and regulations for this festival.

  • All fees are nonrefundable – even if the entrant is disqualified.

  • Judges decisions are final.

  • TFMC All State Festival will not use performance videos for any purpose other than Festival adjudication without a signed release.


MUSIC SCORES: All selections entered must be the SAME selections performed at the local/district NFMC festival which qualified the student to attend this state-wide event. Entrants shall play ONLY the required piece as performed at the local festival and as listed in the current Federation Festivals Bulletin with these exceptions: Hymn and Patriotic/Folk Events will perform the required selection exactly as written with no additions or improvisations. Please omit repeats of 10 or more bars for any entry and reduce long accompaniment sections for concertos. Due to time limitations, only 10 minutes of any concerto shall be adjudicated and judges will determine starting and stopping points.


All music scores shall be submitted in PDF format and meet the following standards:

  • Include copyright notation in the scan

  • Include cover of the book/sheet music in the scanned PDF

  • Remove teacher name or other identifying information from scanned pages.

  • NUMBER THE MEASURES – videos will be rejected if scores are missing numbered measures

  • JPG/JPEG format is NOT acceptable

  • Name/rename PDF files using the following naming convention:


  • Solo/Concerto events:  StudentLastName StudentFirstName Event Class

    • Example: Bunny Bugs ViolinSolo Primary4


  • Duet/Duo events: Student2LastName Student2FirstName Student1LastName Student1FirstName Event Class


  • Trio events: Student3LastName Student3FirstName Student2LastName Student2FirstName Student1LastName Student1FirstName Event Class


  • Quartet events: Student4LastName Student4FirstName Student3LastName Student3FirstName Student2LastName Student2FirstName Student1LastName Student1FirstName Event Class


  • Large Ensemble of 5 or More: EnsembleName  Event Class


  • Save these PDF scores where they are easily accessible for upload to each student registration record. Delete them all when the event is over.


VIDEO and RECORDING: A public link to the entrant’s video(s) must be submitted by May 1, 2022. There is no ‘live’ performance – all adjudication will take place online through video submission except for Sight Play/Sing which will utilize online Zoom meetings. Please prepare as high-quality a video as possible to give a fair representation of the performance. Such videos are possible to create using smartphones, iPads, laptops, cameras, or other recording devices.

The following guidelines must be observed:

  • Performances for each class/level solo or ensemble entry must be recorded in one take with no edits.

  • If a student participates in multiple events, each event must be recorded separately.

  • Music scores must not be visible unless the event does not require memorization.

  • Participants must perform with accompaniment where required.

  • Confirm that an accompaniment (when used) is soft enough to hear the soloist – especially important in vocal recordings.

  • The video must be from only one fixed angle that best shows the performer (and accompanist if applicable) in performance mode (be mindful of pieces that require pedal, movement, accompaniment). Stabilize the recording device so that it does not need holding by hand.

  • If possible, allow at least 8’ distance from performer - as though a judge were seated at a recital.

  • Dress appropriately for performance: church or concert attire, shoes, presentable appearance.

  • Ensure recording device is fully charged or plugged in.

  • Create a quiet environment for recording. Remove distractions; put the pets out; nothing on top of piano; clear performance area as if the judge were a guest in your recording studio.

  • Eliminate external noises/sounds that might interfere.

  • Limit the number of trials/attempts at recording the “perfect” performance. Many times the first “take” will be the best! 

  • No multi-angled videos/montages will be accepted as they suggest that the audio and/or video was probably edited.

  • Name/rename the videos using the same standard as naming PDFs.

  • A “PUBLIC” link must be provided to the teacher for assigning to event registration records.

  • TFMC reserves the right to immediately disqualify any submission that shows editing within a piece.

  • Click here for more information.


VIDEO PERFORMANCE PROTOCOL: Public links to high quality performance videos that comply with festival requirements must be submitted no later than May 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time). 

  • Here are the instructions to prepare videos for submission. 

  • Submissions will be judged starting May 22, 2022.

  • Results are expected to be distributed to participating TFMC teachers in early June.

  • All State Winners will be notified upon completion of adjudications.

  • Submissions may be disqualified at any time for non-compliance.

  • Submitted (if any) materials will not be returned. No submission video or PDF score will be accepted after Thursday, May 1, 2022.

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