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Did you get this email?

Sharing it here and hoping it helps! DEADLINE MAY 1st FOR PDF/VIDEO UPLOADS:

Subject: TFMC All State Festival Video/PDF Uploads

Many of you are at the video and pdf uploading stage in our registration process. The May 1st deadline is HERE! For those of you that don't quite remember the process and need a refresher or have joined us for the first time, it's actually pretty easy. Hopefully, this will help make the process easier and quicker for those of you that have yet to upload.

STEP 1: The video and pdf creation tips and information are listed on our website. Look for the bars on the right side of the home page.

STEP 2: SAVE your videos and the pdf music scores on your computer in either Google Drive or Dropbox. Some like YouTube, but don't use YouTube for Kids. Do not use any other iCloud account. I personally find Google Drive easiest to manage. Every file must be set as a "public" viewable file. Otherwise, our judges will be unable to see them. Make sure there is NO expiration date on the viewable time length. Once you save the video on your computer, DO NOT move it to a different folder and don't move any folders upstream in your address chain. This breaks our ability to see the video.

STEP 3: COPY & PASTE the link for the VIDEO into the designated box for individual student registration in your registration account. Scroll down the page of the student's registration to find the labeled box. If you cannot get back into your account, you can search for the initial email you received when you first registered for this event. There is a custom link just for you in that email that returns to your specific account. Otherwise, email us and the custom link will be resent to you.

STEP 4: UPLOAD the PDF by clicking on the PDF button located under the VIDEO box and find the correct file on your computer to upload. Click the file, click Open, and it should upload into the box for music scores.

STEP 5: CLICK SUBMIT!!!! This is the most important step.

This is basically the upload process. However, if you have trouble, our Tech Team stands at the ready to assist you if necessary. We do understand that not everyone works with computers on a daily basis.

Our Tech Team is ready to help if you need it. We have several, but Seth Thomas is the leader of this team. Give him a minute or two to respond. He may be teaching a lesson and will respond as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Tech Team Leader: Seth Thomas

(616) 250-1603

Please let us know if you need anything. Our Tech Team is already at work making sure videos and pdf scores are approved for adjudication. We'll be in touch if any videos or pdf's need editing.

To give you an idea of our next steps, scheduling will be done after all the videos and pdf's are approved, and then all will be prepped and turned over to our judges. Once adjudication is completed, Monetary Award Winners will be notified, teachers will receive student scores, and certificates will be printed, packed and shipped to our District Festival Chairmen for distribution to our teachers. As you can imagine, it will take a few weeks to get all of these tasks completed. Be assured, we are all working hard day and night, and most weekends while juggling our own teaching schedules as well. Your prayers, positive thoughts, best wishes and patience are very much appreciated.

May you all have All State Winners!

Cathlyn C. Neidert


TFMC All State Festival

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