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In the Judge's Hands

Adjudications are underway! Judges have received their assignments and have begun their work!

But, they cannot judge what they cannot see. We are discovering a few broken links to student performance videos despite our extensive review process. Please respond quickly to any email, phone call, or text coming from Mary Thomason or Seth Thomas. Their job is to replace these broken links immediately so the judge can continue working without having to assign a "NO RATING" critique to any student's performance.

Help us avoid broken video links! Remind students and parents:

  1. DO NOT move the videos away from the originally submitted, linked location.

  2. DO NOT remove videos until advised to do so by the Festival Chair. (Long after student results are known - especially for monetary award winners.)

  3. DO NOT rename videos because that will break the existing link.


Please share this request with any students, parents, or studio helpers who might be tempted to rearrange family/studio storage between now and the time results are distributed to teachers.

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